The project of strategic partnership involves the students and teachers from 7 secondary schools of various types from the Czech Republic, Portugal, Turkey, Slovenia, Italy, Latvia and Lithuania.
The project comes from the needs of young people to develop their entrepreneurial skills, to be better prepared for the entry to the labour market, to improve the knowledge of languages and develop communication skills. It is also based on the presumptions that European countries appear in the times of economical problems, the unemployment rate of young people is at a high level, young people have trouble with finding jobs, motivation of young people to succeed at the job market is decreasing, lack of language competences is one of the barriers at the European labour market, entrepreneurship of young people will help to boost the labour market, entrepreneurship is a creative activity, a creative way of life and improves creative thinking, entrepreneurship gives young people the feeling of freedom.
The project is going to promote entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among the students so that they could be better prepared for their working life. We are also going to use more effective teaching methods, e.g. combing formal and non-formal methods or CLIL to get higher achievement of students in basic skills. The project fosters multidisciplinary and inter-disciplinary approaches as it combines economical subjects with general subjects such as foreign languages, social sciences, geography or drama education.
The project combines the work on entrepreneurial topics with the work on social topics connected with jobs. The project also combines economical topics with general topics so that young people were better prepared for their future lives and is not focused only on entrepreneurial tasks but highly involves also other subjects such as geography, social sciences, dramatic education, ecological education etc., which creates an excellent and very important complex.Through this project the students will improve and develop communication and language competence, entreprenurial competences, digital competences:, social competences and we also expect increasing cultual awareness, incresed sense of entrepreneurship and motivation to succeed at the labour market.
The work on the project includes various methods of work: organising workshops, discussions, debates, excursions, role plays, creating and carrying out surveys, presentations of the results and the work, meetings with local entrepreneurs and local representatives.We will deal with various topics connected with jobs and labour market, e.g. unemployment, writing CV, job interviews, staring a firm, creating a business plan, presentation of a firm, promotion and advertising as well as with social matters such as gender issues, the questions of age at the labour market, employment of handicapped people, the matters of bossing, mobbing, racism, immigration etc. Within the three-year project run there will be two transnational meetings, one at the beginning of the project and one at the end and seven project meetings in all partner schools. 
The project will bring the following rresults: an increase of students´ entrepreneurial competences and their motivation in the field of entrepreneurship, improving their ability to write a good CV and apply for a job not only in their country but in other European countries, too, getting higher practise and experience with job interviews, better knowledge of how to make a business plan, increase of motivation to start an own firm, increased awareness of the connection between entrepreneurship and social matters, breaking stereotypes about gender issues, racism, immigration, social exclusion, handicapped people, improved language competences both in everyday English and business English etc.
During the project the participants will create and carry out questionnaires and surveys that will be published online for public, powerpoint presentations on the various entrepreneuship, job and social tasks, newsletters about the project activities which will be published on the project website, mini-brochure about the project both in printed and online versions, website of the project accessible for wide public, e-Twinning project among the partner schools, evaluation forms, photo-documentation and video-documentation etc.
The project ensures high impact on students, teachers, entrepreneurs and schools as will as expected impact on local, regional, national level. Sustainability of the project, its results, methods and activities is also ensured.
All partner schools will share duties and responsibilities throughout the project run.
All partner schools will also involve participants with fewer opportunities in their project teams.





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